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Legacy provides communications support to Glenisk to help promote their sponsorship of the Irish Rugby team and in particular the rugby trading cards for children. Throughout the 2018 6 Nations, Legacy delivered a cost-effective and targeted campaign which brought the trading cards to life through clever PR and digital tactics.


A media promotion on tournament broadcaster TV3 was supported by a PR campaign fronted by lead ambassador and Irish rugby campaign Rory Best. The PR campaign target both sport and lifestyle media and one of the stand-out activities was the national children’s 6 Nations rugby survey which led to vast media coverage for the trading cards during the 6 Nations.


In addition to this personalised trading cards were created for a host of Ireland’s top media and influencers which led to one of the most successful social media campaigns in recent times. 95% of the high-profile influencers targeted posted their personalised cards online; most posting multiple times across various platforms, resulting in over a 2 million reach in just one week.


The campaign went on to win a best sponsorship award at the 2018 PR Industry Awards.

  • Published: 08/27/2017
  • Service: Sponsorship
  • Client: Glenisk