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Legacy Communications was tasked with launching Social Media Live a one-day festival where the contentious questions around social media will be debated via a host of inspiring, exciting and global speakers and creators.

The task was to create +execute an exciting and teaser style launch campaign with the focal point of a stunt involving 25 virtual reality headset wearing “robots” descending on Dublin city centre from rush hour to lunchtime.

We needed to create intrigue and major talkability and then engage a big reveal across social media about the purpose of the stunt. We deployed a number of highly effective tactics to drive maximum talkability and excitement which included:

  • Engaging a series of high profile and authentic instagrammers including Igers; I come undone; Dublin by Night; Raw Dublin; Dublin snap; Dublin City Shots;
  • Engaging Lovin Dublin as our media partner with a carefully developed + managed brief around driving the content with intrigue and by asking questions and then revealing
  • Working with a series of photographers + videographers to capture and seed out imagery from the stunt in a cloak and dagger manner
  • Deploying traditional media tactics around the big reveal including press release and press photography
  • The launch campaign was an absolute success with the stunt capturing the imagination of the commuting public, results included
    • #socialmedialive trending for several hours on launch day
    • Over 958, 481 different opportunities to see or hear about #socialmedialive landing via online, print and social channels
    • Intriguing and engaging content coming from all partners including Lovin’ Dublin and our Instagram partners
    • Several impressive stunt images appearing in print the following day including ½ pages in the Sun + Mirror
  • Published: 08/27/2017
  • Service: WordPress
  • Client: Facebook Inc.